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DUI Law Basics: Driving or operating a vehicle while drunk or impaired by alcohol or other substances is against the law in every state in the nation. The Atlanta lawyer(s) at Ramsey and Norman answer your important questions, on video, about drunk driving law in Georgia. For answers to your legal questions about DUI Law, click on a question below, or to contact Ramsey and Norman about DUI Law issues, use the form below or call (404) 994-7923.

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Are there special considerations and penalties for someone who is underage and arrested for DUI or DWI in Georgia?

Can I be stopped and arrested for DUI or DWI in Georgia even if the vehicle was not moving?

Can I get a limited license or work permit following a Georgia drunk driving conviction?

Can I obtain a license in another state after a drunk driving conviction?

Can I represent myself in a drunk driving case? What can a drunk driving defense attorney do for me?

Can the police charge me with a breathalyzer refusal, even though I tried to blow into it?

How do I apply for a DMV hearing?

How long does a DUI or DWI conviction stay on my record in Georgia?

How might the court use the scram bracelet to punish me before or after I am convicted of drunk driving?

How much are the fees for license reinstatement following a drunk driving conviction in Georgia?

How will a Georgia DUI or DWI conviction affect me other than the criminal penalties and the license loss?

I actually passed the breath test, but the police still arrested me. How is that possible?

I was just arrested for drunk driving. Will my insurance company cancel my auto insurance policy now?

Is my name going to be in the paper after a drunk driving arrest in Georgia and what can I do about it?

The police officer never gave me a Miranda warning following my drunk driving arrest in Georgia. Can I get my case dismissed?


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