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Violent Crimes Law Basics: Whether you are an accused or a victim of violent crime, including armed robbery, arson, kidnapping, and battery, or have been affected by manslaughter or murder, it is crucial to understand violent crime law. The Atlanta lawyer(s) at Ramsey and Norman answer your important questions, on video, about violent crime law in Georgia. For answers to your legal questions about Violent Crimes Law, click on a question below, or to contact Ramsey and Norman about Violent Crimes Law issues, use the form below or call (404) 994-7923.

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Are there different degrees of murder?

Can I become an attorney if I was in prison for a violent crime?

Can I get my violent criminal conviction expunged or sealed?

Can the federal government become involved with hate crime charges?

How can I fight an mandatory minimum sentence?

How does the defense of self-defense work?

I was arrested for a felony offense. What should I do?

Is arson considered a violent crime or felony?

There is so much evidence against me, why should I bother hiring an attorney?

What are Miranda warnings?

What are my Miranda rights?

What constitutes a violent crime?

What does a dismissal do?

What if I cannot afford an attorney to represent me on a battery charge?

What if I was unaware of the weapon law?


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