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Bankruptcy Law Basics: More than one million American files for bankruptcy every year. Bankruptcy is a tool to wipe the debt slate clean and get a fresh start. The Bakersfield lawyer(s) at Law Offices of Neil Schwartz answer your important questions, on video, about when bankruptcy should be an option and what rights you have as a debtor in California. For answers to your legal questions about Bankruptcy Law, click on a question below, or to contact Law Offices of Neil Schwartz about Bankruptcy Law issues, use the form below or call (661) 263-4061.

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Are there debts that I cannot discharge through bankruptcy?

Are there tax consequences to filing bankruptcy?

Can I file bankruptcy only on my personal or just on my business debts?

Can I get credit after bankruptcy?

Can I not be approved for bankruptcy?

Can I put my assets in someone else's name before filing for bankruptcy?

Can the bankruptcy court decide tax disputes?

Do bankruptcy laws vary from state to state?

Do I have to list all my debts in a bankruptcy filing?

Does a previous bankruptcy prevent me from filing bankruptcy again?

How do bankruptcy attorneys charge for their services?

How do I determine if should file bankruptcy?

How do I know which bankruptcy chapter to file?

How do I prepare my bankruptcy payment plan?

How long does the bankruptcy process typically take?


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