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California Foreclosure Defense Law Videos

Are foreclosure laws different from county to county in California?

Are foreclosure laws different from state to state?

Are there any federal income tax issues involved with the mortgage delinquency process?

Are there any foreclosure scams I should watch out for?

Are there tax consequences if my property in California is foreclosed?

Can anyone buy my California property at auction?

Can I be allowed to pay the arrearage on my California mortgage after a foreclosure has started?

Can I bid at my own foreclosure auction in California?

Can I qualify for a loan modification or should I not even bother?

Can my property in California be sold or re-financed if I am in the process of foreclosure?

Do banks have to maintain the original paperwork on my mortgage to foreclose on my property in California?

Do I have the right to bring my mortgage current?

Do I have to be in default to get a loan modification in California?

Do I have to move out of my home during the foreclosure process in California?

How do I get the lender to stop calling my home at all hours?

How does a Chapter 7 bankruptcy affect a foreclosure in California?

How long does the foreclosure process usually take in California?

I have lots of other questions about my foreclosure. Can I call the judge or the court for advice?

If a foreclosure judgment enters, will there be a public auction?

If I know that I will be out of work and unemployed soon, what can I do now to prevent foreclosure?

Is it possible to get a loan modification in California after bankruptcy has been filed?

Once the foreclosure process starts, is there anything I can do to stop it?

Should I defend the foreclosure if I am underwater or owe more money than the property's market value is worth?

What are the alternatives to foreclosure in California?

What are the steps in the foreclosure process in California?

What can an experienced and knowledgeable attorney do to help me with my foreclosure in California?

What happens to my credit line if my house is foreclosed?

What happens to my mortgage if my house is foreclosed in California?

What happens when I miss my mortgage payments in California?

What if nobody bids on my California property at auction?

What is a loan modification?

What is an underwater mortgage?

What should I do if I am unable to pay my mortgage?

When will I be able to get another mortgage and buy another house after a foreclosure?

Will my attorney be able to delay the foreclosure process in California so I can stay in my home longer?