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Real Estate Litigation Law Basics: Disputes over the sale of real property, zoning, deeds, titles, leases raise a host of important legal issues. The Bakersfield lawyer(s) at Dixon G. Kummer Attorney at Law answer your important questions, on video, about real estate litigation in California. For answers to your legal questions about Real Estate Litigation Law, click on a question below, or to contact Dixon G. Kummer Attorney at Law about Real Estate Litigation Law issues, use the form below or call (661) 263-4066.

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A building I am considering is occupied by several commercial tenants. If I buy the building, can I evict them?

Can a real estate deal go ahead even if there is a defect in the legal title?

Can I cut down a tree on my neighbor's property that hangs over my property?

Can I cut down a tree on my neighbor's property that has roots on my property?

Can I stop a neighbor from changing his property in California if it will change my view, access to light, or access to wind?

Do I have to pay rent to my landlord after he declares bankruptcy?

For what reasons can a buyer or seller get out of a contract to purchase a residence in California?

How long do I have to discover problems, like mold or lead paint, in a real estate transaction in California?

If the inspection is not satisfactory, can the buyer back out of the deal?

Is a contractor bound by his written estimate of a job?

Is there recourse in California if I suspect the seller lied on the disclosure by answering don't know about the property?

What are contingencies?

What are unlawful detainers?

What can be done in California about an obnoxious neighbor who plays his music very loud, day and night?

What happens if the house is not ready for me to move in on the day of closing?


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