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Wills and Trusts Law Basics: Wills and trusts are legal instruments to control the distribution of your assets upon your death. The law, however, regarding establishing wills and trusts, probate, managing trusts, executing wills, and estate taxes varies among the states. The Bakersfield lawyer(s) at Hulsy and Hulsy Law Offices answer your important questions, on video, about planning for persons with wills and trust law in California. For answers to your legal questions about Wills and Trusts Law, click on a question below, or to contact Hulsy and Hulsy Law Offices about Wills and Trusts Law issues, use the form below or call (661) 263-4048.

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Can I change my trust after it is established?

Can I control how money is left to my children?

Can I disinherit my spouse or my children?

Can I leave something to a charity in my will?

Can I make provision in my will for my pets?

Can I place any limitations on how my property can be used after my death?

Can I use my will to name a guardian to care for my young children and manage their property?

Can my husband and I make a joint will?

Do I need an attorney to make my will?

Do I share my husband's inheritance of his mom's house?

Does an executor (personal representative) get paid?

How are adopted children treated in wills?

How can I leave specific items to particular people?

How do I fund a trust?

How long does a will contest case take to resolve?


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