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After I filed my claim, my insurance company offered me a settlement for less than my damages. Must I take it?
Insurance Claims Law

Am I responsible for any medical bills, damages, or legal fees that exceed my insurance policy limit in ?
Insurance Claims Law

An auto insurance company is not offering to pay all of my damages on a liability claim. What can I do?
Insurance Claims Law

Are mental distress damages available to a family member who witnesses a fatal pedestrian accident?
Pedestrian Accident Law

Are punitive damages available in a auto accident case?
Car Accident Law

Can a failure to wear a helmet reduce the claim for damages sustained by an injured motorcycle rider in ?
Motorcycle Accident Law

Can a jury get around a damages cap?
Medical Malpractice

Can a passenger recover damages in for accident injuries caused by a driver of the same car?
Car Accident Law

Can I receive money damages from my employer in , on top of workers' compensation benefits, if I am injured on the job?
Workers Compensation Law

How are damages determined for serious physical injuries or death in an 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident?
18-Wheeler Accident Law

How complicated are the steps needed to start the process of collecting damages for my construction accident case?
Construction Accident Law

How severe must a dog bite be to claim damages in ?
Dog Bite Law

I live in a state that has mandatory helmet laws. I was not wearing a helmet when blindsided by a motorist at a blind intersection. What is the impact on liability and damages for my failure to wear a helmet?
Motorcycle Accident Law

My friend caused an accident while driving my car. Who's insurance company pays for the damages in ?
Insurance Claims Law

What damages can be recovered under a successful negligent security claim?
Slip and Fall Law

What evidence of injury is necessary to recover damages in a auto accident case?
Car Accident Law

What is a damages cap?
Medical Malpractice

What kinds of damages are available in a auto accident case?
Car Accident Law

What kinds of damages are available in class action lawsuits?
Class Action Cases

Who has to pay jury awarded damages in in excess of their insurance policy limits?
Insurance Claims Law

Why do some states impose a damages cap?
Medical Malpractice