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Am I allowed to bring someone with me to watch the IME?

Am I allowed to videotape the IME?

Am I eligible for COBRA if my company closed or went bankrupt and there is no health plan?

Am I entitled to a copy of the policies governing my employee benefits?

Are there times where I must get approval from the insurance company before I have my procedure or treatment?

Can a jury decide my case if it is governed by ERISA?

Can an unwritten or verbal agreement be governed by ERISA?

Can I borrow money from my retirement plan?

Can I choose not to appeal my disability claim and simply move forward with filing a lawsuit?

Can I leave my pension benefit to my children?

Can I receive COBRA benefits while on FMLA leave?

Can I receive my retirement benefits in a lump sum or do I have to receive monthly pay outs?

Can the insurance company force me to sign a reimbursement agreement?

Can the insurance company offset my monthly disability benefit if I receive a personal injury award or settlement?

Can the insurance company offset my monthly disability benefit if I receive worker's compensation or a settlement?


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