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Juvenile Crimes Law Basics: When the perpetrator or one accused of a crime is a juvenile or minor child, the legal process and consequences can vary substantially from the adult criminal system. The Denver lawyer(s) at The Evans Criminal Defense Law Firm answer your important questions, on video, about juvenile law in Colorado. For answers to your legal questions about Juvenile Crimes Law, click on a question below, or to contact The Evans Criminal Defense Law Firm about Juvenile Crimes Law issues, use the form below or call (303) 732-5290.

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Am I allowed to refuse to talk to the police, as a juvenile, unless I have an attorney present?

Am I entitled to bail out of a juvenile detention center as an adult can bail out of jail?

Am I entitled to have Miranda rights read to me before I am questioned as a juvenile?

Am I entitled to have my parents present before I am questioned by the police?

Are children entitled to or required to have a attorney represent them?

Can I be put on probation, required to do public service, and not get locked up for a juvenile crime?

Can juveniles be sent to jail for life?

Can my child be tried as an adult?

Do children who break the law ever go to jail?

Do I have a right to a jury trial as a juvenile?

Do the charges have to be proven true beyond a reasonable doubt in a Colorado juvenile case?

Does my child need to have an attorney?

How do I find a attorney who specializes in handling juvenile cases?

How does juvenile court differ from adult court?

If the court appoints a public defender for me, a juvenile, will my parents get billed for the services?


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