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Michigan Employment Discrimination Law Videos

An employer cannot make decisions based on a protected characteristic. What is a protected characteristic?

Are temporary employees able to file discrimination claims?

Are there any time limits on when I must file a charge of discrimination?

Besides hiring, what other aspects of the employment relationship are regulated by the anti-discrimination laws?

Can I recover punitive damages from my employment discrimination claim?

Can my employer fire me because of my religious beliefs?

Do the anti-discrimination laws protect only women and minorities?

How can I afford to hire an attorney for my discrimination case?

How do courts measure emotional damages in employment discrimination cases?

How do I file a charge of discrimination?

How do you prove pretext in an employment discrimination case?

How does bona fide occupational qualifications apply to discrimination?

How does the EEOC resolve discrimination charges?

If I am pregnant, can I be fired if I had a weak or poor employment review?

If I get laid off and a younger employee is kept, is that discrimination?

If I prove that the employer's stated reason is false, or a pretext, will I win my case?

Must all employers comply with all of the civil rights laws and protections against discrimination?

No one admits that they discriminate. How can I prove my employer's motivation?

What are the laws that protect people from employment discrimination?

What can the courts do to remedy my claim of discrimination?

What damages are available in an employment discrimination case?

What discriminatory practices are prohibited by the employment discrimination laws?

What do I have to show to prove a prima facie case of employment discrimination?

What does it mean to be discriminated against at work?

What groups or classes or people receive protection under the employment discrimination laws?

What happens after I file a claim with the EEOC or with my local state anti-discrimination agency?

What if my employer retaliates against me for filing a claim of discrimination?

What information must I provide if I file a charge of discrimination?

What is a protected class?

What Is the EEOC and how does it operate?

What is unlawful employment discrimination?

What types of damages can I recover for age discrimination?

When can an individual file an employment discrimination lawsuit and what are the remedies?

When may I initiate an employment discrimination lawsuit in court?

Who can file a charge of discrimination?