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Marriage Law Basics: The right to marry and the legal qualifications to marry vary across the country, including whether gay men and lesbians may marry, the minimum age one must attain to marry, and recognition of common-law marriage. The Bloomfield Hills lawyer(s) at Henry S. Gornbein PLLC answer your important questions, on video, about marriage law in Michigan. For answers to your legal questions about Marriage Law, click on a question below, or to contact Henry S. Gornbein PLLC about Marriage Law issues, use the form below or call (248) 230-2851.

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Are parties to a marriage responsible for separate debts incurred during the marriage?

Are there any special requirements for those individuals who have been previously married?

Can a prenuptial/postnuptial agreement decide future child support?

Can a spouse be dropped from health insurance if they are still married?

Can a spouse refuse to sign divorce papers in Michigan?

Can anyone get married to anyone?

Can two people enter into an agreement about expense sharing if they are not married?

Can you get a divorce if you are pregnant?

Can you marry your fiance if his wife refuses to give him a divorce?

Do married people own each other's property in Michigan?

Does Michigan allow common law marriages?

Does a married couple have to live apart to get a divorce in Michigan?

How can I obtain a copy of my marriage certificate in Michigan?

If we marry in a non-community property state and move to a community property state, what is the status of the pre-wedding debts?

Is a marriage ceremony required?


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