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Wills and Trusts Law Basics: Wills and trusts are legal instruments to control the distribution of your assets upon your death. The law, however, regarding establishing wills and trusts, probate, managing trusts, executing wills, and estate taxes varies among the states. The Houston lawyer(s) at Jones Morris Klevenhagen, L.L.P. answer your important questions, on video, about planning for persons with wills and trust law in Texas. For answers to your legal questions about Wills and Trusts Law, click on a question below, or to contact Jones Morris Klevenhagen, L.L.P. about Wills and Trusts Law issues, use the form below or call (713) 589-5061.

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Are expert witnesses necessary in a will contest case?

Can a will contest case be appealed?

How can a will contest be defended?

How do I choose an attorney in a will contest case?

How do I prove that I have standing if I want to challenge a will?

How do you challenge a will?

How long does a will contest case take to resolve?

How much can I expect to pay in attorney's fees in a will contest case?

If I successfully bring a will contest case, can I get the estate to pay my attorney's fees?

Should I make a will online?

What are the elements of proof in a will contest case?

What are the signs of undue influence?

What court would have jurisdiction of a will contest in Texas?

What does the jury consider in a will contest case?

What effect does a power of attorney have in a will contest case?


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