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Florida Bankruptcy Law Videos

Are there debts that I cannot discharge through bankruptcy?

Are there tax consequences to filing bankruptcy?

Can creditors sue me after I file for bankruptcy?

Can I discharge medical bills in bankruptcy?

Can I discharge my student loans in bankruptcy?

Can I file bankruptcy only on my personal or just on my business debts?

Can I file for bankruptcy if I haven't paid taxes for the last few years?

Can I get credit after bankruptcy?

Can I lose my IRA, 401k, or other retirement account in bankruptcy?

Can I not be approved for bankruptcy?

Can I put my assets in someone else's name before filing for bankruptcy?

Can I repay debts owed to relatives before filing for bankruptcy?

Can my boss fire me for filing bankruptcy?

Can my ex-spouse avoid paying child support if they file for bankruptcy?

Can my landlord evict me from my apartment after I file for bankruptcy?

Can my utility providers stop service if I file bankruptcy?

Do bankruptcy laws vary from state to state?

Do I have to list all my debts in a bankruptcy filing?

Do I have to pay my bills during a Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy?

Does a previous bankruptcy prevent me from filing bankruptcy again?

Does my spouse have to file bankruptcy with me?

How do bankruptcy attorneys charge for their services?

How do I determine if should file bankruptcy?

How do I know which bankruptcy chapter to file?

How do I prepare my bankruptcy payment plan?

How long does the bankruptcy process typically take?

How long will a bankruptcy filing remain on my credit record?

How much will the whole bankruptcy process cost?

How often, if ever, will I have to go to court during bankruptcy proceedings?

How will a bankruptcy filing affect my future finances?

If I declare bankruptcy, can I lose my car?

If I declare bankruptcy, can I lose my house?

If I file for bankruptcy, can I keep my credit cards?

If I file for bankruptcy, does it mean my old bad debts are erased from my credit report?

In bankruptcy, what is the trustee?

Is the debt discharged in bankruptcy considered income that has to be reported on my income tax return?

Is the IRS affected by my bankruptcy filing? Do I still have to pay back taxes and new taxes?

What are the advantages of filing for bankruptcy?

What are the different types of bankruptcy?

What are the disadvantages of filing bankruptcy?

What are the most common mistakes I can make when filing for bankruptcy?

What assets are protected in bankruptcy?

What debts are erased by a bankruptcy, and what debts cannot be erased by bankruptcy?

What do I have to disclose about my finances in a bankruptcy filing?

What do I have to do to file bankruptcy?

What does it cost to file bankruptcy?

What happens after the payment plan is approved?

What happens when I file bankruptcy?

What if a collection agency calls me and says that my credit card debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy?

What if I cannot afford a bankruptcy attorney?

What if I cannot afford the whole bankruptcy process?

What if I cannot make the payments required under my bankruptcy court ordered plan?

What is a 341 hearing?

What is a Chapter 26 bankruptcy?

What is Chapter 20?

What is the process for filing Chapter 20 bankruptcy?

What is the process for filing Chapter 26 bankruptcy?

What should I do if I know I am going to miss a payment?

What should I include on my assets schedule for bankruptcy?

What steps do I need to take before filing for bankruptcy?

What will happen to my bills after I declare bankruptcy?

When will I be discharged from bankruptcy?

Who notifies the creditors and bill collectors that I declared bankruptcy?

Who will know about my bankruptcy?

Will bankruptcy stop wage garnishments?

Will I have to give up all my assets?

Will my co-signers on my liabilities, like a mortgage, be protected if declare bankruptcy?