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Condo Law Basics: A condominium, or condo, is a form of housing where part of the real estate is individually owned, while use of and access to common facilities (e.g., hallways, elevators, mechanicals, lawns) is owned and controlled by the association of owners. Laws regarding condominium lawsuits, boards of directors, and assessments, may vary from state to state. The Jacksonville lawyer(s) at Law Office of Preston H. Oughton, PA answer your important questions, on video, about condominium law in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Condo Law, click on a question below, or to contact Law Office of Preston H. Oughton, PA about Condo Law issues, use the form below or call (904) 834-4903.

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Am I entitled to a copy of our association's previous budgets?

Are there any records of the condominium association that should not be accessible to unit owners?

Are there any statutes in Florida that regulate activities in condominiums?

As a renter, do I have the same rights in using the common elements as a unit owner?

As a unit owner, do I have the right to attend a budget meeting?

As a unit owner, why are my rights restricted as to the use of my individual unit and the common elements?

Can a board charge interest on assessment fees even if it is not provided for in the declaration?

Can a board raise our assessment fees by 15 percent of last year's assessment?

Can a condominium association self-manage or does it need to hire a manager?

Can a fine become a lien?

Can a residential condominium in Florida restrict a unit owner's rights with respect to the rental of units?

Can a unit owner mail in a vote or vote by proxy in the election of the board of administration?

Can an association can purchase a unit that was foreclosed?

Can the board charge unit owners to use the common elements?

Can the board keep me as a unit owner from using the common elements if I rented my unit?


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