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Florida Criminal Defense Law Videos

Are all illegal drugs treated equally when it comes to punishing drug dealers in Florida?

Are criminal records ever automatically expunged in Florida?

Can a person be guilty of drunk driving in Florida if they only had one drink?

Can a person charged with a crime fire his assigned public defender without having another attorney to represent him?

Can an expungement be denied in Florida?

Can I be charged if my friend pawned stolen property and I helped them carry it into the pawn shop?

Can the police come and get me in my house in Florida?

Can the police conduct a search without a warrant in Florida?

Can the police get a warrant if someone told them I was doing something illegal?

Can the police legally stop me in Florida, even if I did nothing wrong?

Do I have to give consent to a law enforcement officer to search my car in Florida?

Do the police need a warrant to arrest me in Florida?

How can I find out if there is a warrant for my arrest?

How do I get out of jail after an arrest in Florida?

How do I know what class my crime falls into? Petty offenses, misdemeanors, or felonies?

How does a district attorney in Florida decide which criminals to go after?

How much does it cost to hire a attorney in a criminal case in Florida?

How will my sentence be decided in Florida?

I am guilty, have no defense, and just want to get this over with. Should I even bother getting an attorney?

I was given a ticket and released with a date to appear in court. What do I do?

If I am charged with a crime in Florida, can I be convicted just based on someone else's word?

If my criminal record is expunged, do I ever have to admit that I have a criminal record?

If the police pull me over for a traffic offense in Florida, can they search my car and arrest me?

My offense is minor. Do I really even need a attorney or can I just handle this on my own?

My relative or friend was just arrested in Florida. How do I get them out of jail?

People say that ignorance of the law is no defense. But what are specific intent crimes?

Should I agree to a plea bargain?

The police did not read me my rights. Does that mean that the arrest is invalid and the charges will be dismissed?

The police want me to give them permission to search my house, car, computer, camera, etc. Should I give it to them?

The police want me to talk about a crime they think I committed. Should I comply?

The police want to get my side of the story. Should I give a statement?

This is the first time I am in trouble in Florida. Will the prosecutor treat this charge like it is my first offense?

What are Miranda rights or Miranda warnings?

What are my rights if I am accused of a crime in Florida?

What are rules of criminal procedure in Florida?

What are the typical steps in a criminal proceeding in Florida?

What can be expunged from a criminal record in Florida?

What do I do if there is a warrant out for my arrest in Florida?

What happens if I am arrested for drinking and driving in Florida?

What happens if I am pulled over for drunk driving in Florida?

What happens in a federal detention hearing?

What is a crime?

What is a pre-sentence investigation report and what is it used for in Florida?

What is a public defender?

What is the criminal court procedure in Florida?

What is the difference between a felony, a misdemeanor, and a violation in Florida?

What is the difference between jail and prison in Florida?

What is the difference between rape and sexual assault in Florida?

What is the point of a suspended sentence?

What is the role of the federal government in criminal law?

What rights do I have in Florida when a law enforcement officer asks me questions?

What should I do if I am arrested in Florida?

What should I do if I get a call that a loved one has been arrested?

What types of punishments do I face if convicted of a crime in Florida?

Who sets a sentence in Florida and how is it determined?

Why did I have to post bond?

Why do I have no bond in my case?

Why should I hire a criminal defense attorney?

Will I have to serve time?