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Homeowners Association Law Basics: Homeowners Associations, or Common Interest Development, law is increasing at a rapid pace. From property management, to foreclosure, to boards of directors, to assessment, the law is always on the move. The Jacksonville lawyer(s) at Law Office of Preston H. Oughton, PA answer your important questions, on video, about homeowners association law in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Homeowners Association Law, click on a question below, or to contact Law Office of Preston H. Oughton, PA about Homeowners Association Law issues, use the form below or call (904) 834-4903.

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Are an owner's guests and tenants allowed to use common area recreational facilities in a homeowners' association?

Can a homeowners' association board member be sued in Florida?

Can an owner in a HOA who rents out, but does not live in, their home still use the recreational facilities?

Can the HOA arbitrarily approve, or disprove, of an alteration or improvement?

Can the HOA charge for parking, use of recreational facilities, and other services? Are there any limits on how much?

How can an owner get a copy of the homeowners' association governing documents?

How can the homeowners' association governing documents be changed or amended in Florida?

How do I remove a lis pendens?

How much can a board increase assessments each year?

If I buy a home within an HOA, do I have to belong to the HOA?

Is HOA approval necessary for an improvement or alteration?

What are CC and Rs?

What are covenants, conditions, and restrictions in a homeowners' association?

What are the governing documents in a homeowners' association?

What happens if I fail to pay a special assessment?


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