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Immigration Law Basics: From visas to green cards to citizenship to deportation, there are a host of legal hurdles and pitfalls in navigating the patchwork of federal and state immigration law. Sometimes a lawyer can make all the difference between the protection of rights and their abuse. The lawyer(s) at answer your important questions, on video, about immigration law in . For answers to your legal questions about Immigration Law, click on a question below, or to contact about Immigration Law issues, use the form below or call .

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Are children of American parent(s) born outside of the United States citizens of the United States?

Can foreigners get a Social Security number?

Can I apply for asylum even if I am in the United States illegally?

Can I apply for asylum if I have been convicted of a crime?

Can I become a citizen if I am married to an American citizen?

Can I become a United States citizenship through a H1 work visa?

Can I change from H-4 to L-2 status so that I can get work authorization?

Can I change status while on an H-4 visa?

Can I extend my stay on an H-4 visa?

Can I study on an H-4 visa?

Can I work in my own business even if I do not have a work visa?

Can I work in the United States with a B1/B2 tourist or business visitor visa?

Can I work on an F-2 visa?

Can I work on an H-4 visa?

Can my current employer classify me as a TN professional?


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