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Florida Real Estate Litigation Law Videos

A building I am considering is occupied by several commercial tenants. If I buy the building, can I evict them?

Are verbal agreements to sell land binding, if all of the money exchanged hands?

Can a lawsuit result in a permanent loan modification?

Can a lawsuit result in a principle balance reduction?

Can a lawsuit result in forgiveness of back payments, penalties, and interest?

Can a lender foreclose after a modification or payment plan was approved?

Can a lender foreclose during the modification application process?

Can a real estate deal go ahead even if there is a defect in the legal title?

Can I hire someone to handle my appeal, and pay them a percentage of my tax reduction received?

Can I rescind a purchase of real estate after closing?

Can property owners along the beach prevent others from walking along the shore?

Can the adjoining property owner and I agree on a border different from our deeds?

Can the utility companies come on my property without permission?

Do I have to pay rent to my landlord after he declares bankruptcy?

For what reasons can a buyer or seller get out of a contract to purchase a residence in Florida?

How are the proceeds distributed among the owners in a sale resulting from a partition?

How do I appeal a valuation of my property?

If the inspection is not satisfactory, can the buyer back out of the deal?

Is there recourse in Florida if I suspect the seller lied on the disclosure by answering don't know about the property?

What are ejectment actions?

What are mechanic's liens?

What are receiverships?

What are the remedies for an adjoining property owner who is using my property?

What are unlawful detainers?

What does it mean to quiet title?

What happens if my original lender has gone out of business?

What happens if the house is not ready for me to move in on the day of closing?

What happens when my lease expires for commercial property in Florida?

What happens when one owner of a property wants to sell and another owner does not?

What happens when two different deeds to the property conflict?

What is a fiduciary duty?

What is a partition lawsuit?

What is a prescriptive easement?

What is adverse possession?

What is an easement?

What is equitable subrogation?

What is mediation and arbitration?

What is slander of title?

What is specific performance?

What legal recourse does a buyer or seller have in Florida if the other party refuses to close?

What rights do tenants have when landlords are in foreclosure litigation?

What types of damages are available in a breach of contract for real estate?

What will happen during the course of real estate litigation?

When can I rescind (cancel or terminate) an agreement or contract I signed to purchase property and return my deposit?

When does someone breach a real estate contract?

Which court should I go to if I cannot settle my landlord tenant dispute outside of court?

Who and when can someone put a mechanic's lien on my home?

Who is responsible for damage to a house in Florida? The tenant or the landlord?

Who is the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) and why are they important to foreclosure litigation?