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Short Sale Law Basics: Short sales are alternatives to foreclosure in which the proceeds from selling the home falls short of the balance on the mortgage. In short sales, the lender agrees to release their lien on the home and accept less than the amount owed. The Jacksonville lawyer(s) at Hathaway & Reynolds, PA answer your important questions, on video, about short sale law in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Short Sale Law, click on a question below, or to contact Hathaway & Reynolds, PA about Short Sale Law issues, use the form below or call (904) 342-6657.

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Can a short sale be done when there are multiple lenders with liens on the property?

Can a short sale lender make its borrower pay a lump sum or write a promissory note for some of the deficiency?

Can people stay in their properties for years after they stop paying because foreclosures take so long?

Do all lenders offer short sales?

Do I have to try to modify my loan and be turned down before I can short sell my house?

Do I have to use a real estate agent to do a short sale?

During the short sale negotiation, is there a way to get the lender to repair my credit by reporting no late payments?

How long does a short sale take?

How much of a hit will my credit take after a short sale and how long will that last?

How will my real estate agent know what to list the property for in a short sale?

If a lender agrees to a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, can the lender still try to come after me for any deficiency.

If a lender approves a short sale, will the deficiency automatically be written off by the lender?

If a lender does not agree to write of the deficiency in a short sale, what happens?

If I have a primary residence short sale, will a 1099 be issued for the short sale deficiency?

If I have an IRS lien will I be able to do a short sale?


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