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Missouri Child Custody Law Videos

Are Missouri courts reluctant to grant sole custody to fathers?

Are Missouri courts more likely to award custody to mothers than to fathers?

Are there juries in Missouri child custody cases?

At what age can my children decide where they want to live?

Can a Missouri court order drug testing of the parents when determining custody?

Can a parent take custody of the child instead of making child support payments in Missouri?

Can an unmarried girl get sole custody of her child in Missouri?

Can custody rights be modified in Missouri?

Can grandparents be awarded custody of their grandchild(ren) in Missouri?

Can I get joint custody if I am not paid up on child support in Missouri?

Can I move my kids out of state and then get a divorce?

Can nonbiological parents be awarded custody?

Can visitation in Missouri be denied to a non-custodial parent?

Do the wishes of a child have any influence in custody decisions in Missouri?

Does a court have to decide our visitation schedule, or can the other parent and I make the schedule ourselves?

Does a spouse's infidelity have any bearing upon custody determinations in Missouri?

Does an extramarital affair have an impact on child custody in Missouri?

Does custody always go to just one parent in Missouri?

Does joint custody affect child support in Missouri?

Does religion enter into the determination of child custody in Missouri?

How can I find out more information about the child support program?

How can I stop paying child support after finding out the child is not mine?

How does joint custody work in Missouri?

How is the amount of child support determined in Missouri?

I am a noncustodial parent. What should I do when I get a summons and complaint in Missouri?

I have custody of our children. Can I claim the child as a dependent?

If the other parent will not allow me to see my children, do I have to pay support in Missouri?

If the other parent will not allow me to see my children, do I have to pay support in ?

What does reasonable visitation mean?

What factors go into determining custody and visitation in Missouri?

What happens in Missouri when visitation rights are frustrated?

What if both parents agree on child custody and visitation in Missouri?

What if the child's best interest does not coincide with the parents' personal desires?

What if the custodial parent wants to move away from the non-custodial parent?

What is a shared custody arrangement in Missouri and how does it work?

What is child custody?

What is child visitation and a parenting plan?

What is supervised visitation in Missouri?

What is the difference between custodial parent and non-custodial parent?