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Missouri Child Support Law Videos

Am I still obligated to pay child support while my 18-year-old child takes a year off from high school?

At what age is child support terminated in Missouri for a handicapped child who is unable to be gainfully employed?

Can child support be granted if adopted children receive state subsidies in excess of their child support requirements?

Can child support be reduced in Missouri if I remarry and have more children with my new wife?

Can child support be retroactively modified in Missouri?

Can clothing costs be considered as child support in Missouri?

Can I lower my child support payments in Missouri if I spend more time with my kids?

Can I make my support payments directly to my ex-spouse? Should I?

Can my child's father be ordered to pay for my child's college education in Missouri?

Can my ex-spouse make me pay for a private school for our child in Missouri?

Can the Missouri court base its child support order on what I am able to earn, as opposed to what I am actually earning?

Can the Missouri courts include my new spouse's income when setting child support?

Do I pay my spouse directly for child support in Missouri?

How and where can paternity be established in Missouri?

How are child care expenses divided in Missouri?

How can child support be changed in Missouri?

How can I get support when I cannot even locate my ex-spouse?

How can I keep track of child support payments?

How do I collect child support in Missouri from a noncustodial parent who lives out-of-state?

How do I get my child support increased in Missouri?

How do parents obtain an agreed order in Missouri?

How is a support order established if paternity has not been determined and no documents have been signed by me?

How long before the child support payments begin?

How long should I keep the receipts showing the child support I paid?

How will medical support be determined in Missouri?

I am on unemployment compensation. Is there a limit on the amount that can be taken out for child support?

I heard there is a law called UIFSA. What does this law do?

If a father terminates his parental rights, does he still have to pay child support in Missouri?

If I get joint custody, will I still have to pay child support in Missouri?

Is it necessary to legally terminate child support at age 18, or does it happen automatically in Missouri?

Is there a minimum child support amount in Missouri that my ex-spouse should have to pay, whether or not they are working?

Must the children be covered by health insurance?

What determines how much child support I have to pay in Missouri?

What is child support?

Where can I find information about Missouri child support laws and guidelines?

Who can seek a child support modification in Missouri?

Who is going to pay for my child's daycare in Missouri?