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Drug Crimes Law Basics: Both the federal government and each state regulate the creation, possession, use, and distribution of drugs and narcotics, with a range of both civil and criminal penalties. The Olathe lawyer(s) at Langston Law, Chartered answer your important questions, on video, about drug and narcotics law in Missouri. For answers to your legal questions about Drug Crimes Law, click on a question below, or to contact Langston Law, Chartered about Drug Crimes Law issues, use the form below or call (913) 601-7275.

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Am I subject to asset forfeiture in drug possession or drug dealing cases?

Are charges for drug dealing included in charges for drug manufacturing?

Are there even stricter punishments for different drug offenses?

Can my identity be kept confidential if I want to assist law enforcement?

Do police have to follow any particular rules in arresting me and searching for drugs?

Does it matter where I was arrested, like near a school, in determining how I am charged?

How can the government prove drug possession beyond a reasonable doubt?

How will a drug conviction affect my financial aid?

If I am convicted of drug dealing, can I then be charged with failure to declare taxable income?

Is refusing to let the police search me an admission of guilt?

Is there any way to fight back if I am arrested after an illegal search?

Is there such a crime as conspiracy with intent to distribute drugs?

Should I hire a drug or narcotics attorney?

What are drug offenses?

What are illicit drugs?


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