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Investment Fraud Law Basics: Whether you bought stocks or bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, or even gold, the law offers protection for consumers involved in investments and securities. One of those protections is against fraud - including improperly being pushed investments or securities, price manipulation, and Ponzi schemes. The Lee's Summit lawyer(s) at The Kueser Law Firm, P.C. answer your important questions, on video, about investment and security fraud law in Missouri. For answers to your legal questions about Investment Fraud Law, click on a question below, or to contact The Kueser Law Firm, P.C. about Investment Fraud Law issues, use the form below or call (816) 479-0985.

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Are attorney fees regularly awarded in securities fraud cases?

Are most security fraud claims resolved in trials or another process, like arbitration?

Are securities governed by federal or state law?

Are there punitive damages available in securities fraud cases?

Can arbitration rulings be appealed?

Can brokerage firms be held responsible for the actions of their brokers or employees?

Can I move my investments while this case is pending?

Can I receive interest on my recovered losses as part of the damages in a securities fraud case?

Can non-corporate officers be guilty of insider trading?

Do cases settle before arbitration?

Do I have to pay costs to bring a claim for arbitration?

Does a high level of trading create a cause of action against the broker?

How are compensatory damages calculated in securities litigation?

How can potential customers review the background of brokers or a brokerage house?

How do attorneys decide which cases to pursue?


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