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Asset Protection Law Basics: Whether you want to protect your personal and professional assets from creditors, litigation, divorce or estate taxation, laws vary from state to state. The Little Rock lawyer(s) at Dudeck Law Firm answer your important questions, on video, about bankruptcy law in Arkansas. For answers to your legal questions about Asset Protection Law, click on a question below, or to contact Dudeck Law Firm about Asset Protection Law issues, use the form below or call (501) 458-4170.

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Can I transfer my assets to my children just before I go into a nursing home and still qualify for Medicaid?

How can I avoid being impoverished by the high cost of nursing home care?

How much income can I make and still qualify for Medicaid?

I heard I can give away $10,000 and not have any problems. Is that true?

I heard Medicaid can take our house for reimbursement. Is that true?

If I am in a nursing home, is it too late to give away my assets and qualify for Medicaid?

If my spouse enters a nursing home, must I give away my assets to keep them from being taken to cover the costs of care?

If my spouse is going into a nursing home, can they transfer all of their assets to me and qualify for Medicaid?

Is asset protection only for the wealthy?

Should I just give all of my assets to a relative to hold for me?

What are the income, estate, and gift tax consequences of an asset protection trust made for Medicaid planning purposes?

What is joint tenants with right of survivorship?

What is Medicaid?

What is tenants by the entirety?

What is tenants in common?


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