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Elder Law Basics: Elder encompasses a wide range of legal questions, including nursing home care for you or a loved one, Medicare or Medicaid, estate planning, wills and trusts, conservatorships or guardianships, health care directives, and elder rights. Estate Planning, Wills and Trusts, Conservatorship (also called Guardianship), Health Care Planning, Medicare/Medicaid Planning, and Elder Rights. The Little Rock lawyer(s) at Dudeck Law Firm answer your important questions, on video, about elder law in Arkansas. For answers to your legal questions about Elder Law, click on a question below, or to contact Dudeck Law Firm about Elder Law issues, use the form below or call (501) 458-4170.

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Am I allowed to keep all of my Social Security and pension if I am in a nursing home and Medicaid is paying for my care?

Are the eligibility rules for community-based Medicaid services the same as for nursing home Medicaid?

Are the rules for Medicaid different in each state?

Are there any assets that Medicaid does not consider available to the Medicaid applicant and/or his or her spouse?

Are there ways for me to protect some of my assets and still be eligible for Medicaid benefits?

Can I add my daughter's or son's name to my bank account instead of having a power of attorney?

Can I be barred from Medicaid if I just moved into Arkansas?

Can I give my agent under a power of attorney the power to make health care decisions for me?

Can I have a durable power of attorney that becomes effective only in the future?

Can I name more than one person as agent?

Can I retain control of my assets while simultaneously protecting them from the reach of nursing homes?

Can my mother give away $10,000 with no problems?

Do all attorneys practice elder law?

Do children have to pay for a parent to be in a nursing home?

Do I need a living trust?


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