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Little Rock Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

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Nursing Home Abuse Law Basics: Senior citizens are some of the most vulnerable members of our society. Sadly, there are those who prey upon the elderly, even when they are placed in a nursing home where they should be safe. In many states, there are laws enacted to address nursing home abuse. The Little Rock lawyer(s) at Law Offices of Gary Green answer your important questions, on video, about nursing home abuse law in Arkansas. For answers to your legal questions about Nursing Home Abuse Law, click on a question below, or to contact Law Offices of Gary Green about Nursing Home Abuse Law issues, use the form below or call (501) 708-2791.

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Are nursing home residents entitled to privacy?

Are nursing homes liable if a resident is injured by another resident?

Are nursing homes monitored for possible abuse and neglect?

Are nursing homes required to keep records of the care provided?

Are punitive damages available in Arkansas nursing home abuse case?

Are there alternatives to litigation in a Arkansas nursing home abuse case?

Are there any reports or information I can request from the home before I make a decision about taking legal action?

Are there criminal penalties for abusers in nursing homes?

Are there limits on damages in Arkansas nursing home abuse case?

Are there minimum staffing requirements for nursing homes?

Are there time limits to sue for injuries in a Arkansas nursing home abuse case?

Are witnesses important in Arkansas nursing home abuse case?

Can a nursing home be held responsible for a natural death?

Can a nursing home discharge a resident against their will?

Can a nursing home resident change facilities at any time?


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