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Dog Bite Law Basics: Animal and dog bites are traumatic injuries. But, the resulting legal actions are complicated and liability is often difficult to prove. These cases are also wrought with emotion because the dog that attacked the victim is usually someone's pet. The Madison lawyer(s) at Carney, Davies & Thorpe, LLC answer your important questions, on video, about the process of animal and dog bite law cases in Wisconsin. For answers to your legal questions about Dog Bite Law, click on a question below, or to contact Carney, Davies & Thorpe, LLC about Dog Bite Law issues, use the form below or call (608) 807-5958.

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Are punitive damages available in Wisconsin animal and dog bite cases?

Are there limits on damages in Wisconsin animal and dog bite cases?

Are there time limits to sue for injuries in a Wisconsin animal and dog bite case?

Are witnesses important in Wisconsin animal and dog bite cases?

Can Wisconsin animal owners be held liable if their pets bite?

Can any attorney handle a Wisconsin animal and dog bite case?

Can I still bring a dog bite claim in Wisconsin if I was petting the dog before it attacked?

Does homeowners insurance cover dog bite claims?

How can I find out if the person liable for the dog bite is insured?

How do I know if it is worthwhile to bring my Wisconsin dog bite case?

Should I accept a settlement offer in my Wisconsin animal and dog bite case?

Should I report the dog bite to any Wisconsin state authorities?

Should I sign papers provided by the dog owner's insurance company?

Should I take any pictures of my Wisconsin dog bite?

What compensation am I entitled to in Wisconsin for dog attack damages?


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