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Alimony Law Basics: If you are in the process of divorce or considering divorce, you should know that courts may award spousal support or alimony to one of the former spouses. Alimony can be the result of a pre- or post-nuptial contract or of a court decision. The Miami lawyer(s) at Law Office of Christina A. McKinnon, P.A. answer your important questions, on video, about alimony in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Alimony Law, click on a question below, or to contact Law Office of Christina A. McKinnon, P.A. about Alimony Law issues, use the form below or call (786) 231-3975.

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An experienced reasonably priced lawyer, who ferverently works on behalf of her clients. Well-known and well sought-after, she specializes in family law and personal injury. Handling everything from uncontested and contested dissolution of marriage cases, domestic violence cases, child support, custody and visitation cases, along with paternity and adoptions, Ms. McKinnon will get the best result for you without causing you financial stress. She also represents the injured against the negligent actions of drivers and absent-minded, careless store and shop owners. Call today for a consultation and much-needed direction for your legal matter!

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