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Business Transaction Law Basics: Buying and selling products, and business mergers and acquisitions can trigger legal liability for a variety of reasons. Well-advised businesses can avoid a number of common problems by having proper legal advice. The Miami lawyer(s) at The Arthur Firm answer your important questions, on video, about business transactions law in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Business Transaction Law, click on a question below, or to contact The Arthur Firm about Business Transaction Law issues, use the form below or call (786) 228-7005.

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The Arthur Firm, P.L., protects businesses and individuals from lawsuits, government prosecution, and wasted revenue on legal fees. Our legal practice focuses on areas of law affecting Small Businesses and their transactions, contracts, and exposure to civil liability and criminal violations (white collar crimes). We always spend the necessary time with our clients to fully identify their goals and customize strategies. We also tailor legal fees to the matter at hand; no red tape, no inflexible billing methods. We value the trust our clients have in us, our ability to obtain meaningful results for them, thorough preparation, skillful execution, and adherence to ethical standards. Jury trials are the cornerstone of our practice and we draw upon that experience when advising our clients in any of our practice areas. This is demonstrated by our enjoyment in battling for our client's interests -- even when others believe the goals seem unlikely.

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