Planned Parenthood Seeks To Restore State Funds

Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against Texas and will go to court on Friday in hopes of securing a temporary injunction to restore funding assistance. Officials at the non-profit argue they should still get state funding because of all the other services they provide for women. Some 50,000 Texas women go to Planned parenthood clinics each year.

The fight to fund women’s health programs in Texas is coming under fire. A U.S. District Judge will pick up the lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood today in Austin, TX.

The non-profit is currently operating without any state or federal dollars. The money went away at the start of the year when the state’s new Women’s Health Program went into effect. The program requires Texas to fully fund clinics devoted to women’s health, unless they are affiliated with abortion services.
Planned Parenthood, which provides abortions at some of its clinics, and fellow plaintiff Marcela Balquinta of McAllen, Texas, filed the request for a temporary restraining order seeking exclusion from the new law, arguing the organization provides preventative women’s health care not associated with abortions to nearly 50,000 Texas enrollees annually.

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