Casey Anthony Convictions Thrown Out

One of the most infamous Americans in recent years took two big steps Friday toward clearing her name, and she’s vowed to “keep fighting.”

Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal threw out two of Casey Anthony’s four convictions of “providing false information to a law enforcement officer during a missing person investigation,” agreeing with her argument that the multiple convictions violated the ban on double jeopardy.

But the appeals judges upheld the other two convictions. According to the court filing, they rejected Anthony’s claim that the trial court should have granted her motion to suppress statements made to law enforcement officers before they told her Miranda rights. And they rejected her argument that the state statute she was convicted of violating is unconstitutionally vague.

Anthony’s lawyer, Cheney Mason, said when he called his client to share the ruling, she said, “We keep fighting.”

Anthony could appeal the remaining two convictions to the Florida Supreme Court next.

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