Attorney: Armstrong Won't Pay Back Bonus Money

“My only point is no athlete ever, to my understanding, has ever gone back and paid back his compensation.”

-Attorney Tim Herman

Lance Armstrong does not plan to pay back nearly $12 million in bonus money he received for winning the Tour de France despite his recent admission that he cheated to win the race every time from 1999 to 2005.

The company that paid the bonuses said it expects to file a lawsuit against Armstrong this week to get its money back. But Armstrong’s attorney, Tim Herman, sees it differently. He compared the situation to other sports figures who were suspended for various infractions but did not have to give back their paychecks.

In an interview with USA TODAY Sports, Herman shared his thoughts on various issues stemming from Armstrong’s confession that he used banned drugs and blood transfusions to boost himself as a cyclist. Armstrong’s admission came after years of false denials and lawsuits against those who dared to challenge him about it, including SCA Promotions, the company that paid the Tour bonuses.

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