"Toughest Sheriff In America" Falls Victim To Credit Card Fraud

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has had a long career of putting bad guys behind bars. But it seems someone turned the sheriff and his wife into victims over the weekend.

Sheriff Arpaio said his wife took a call Sunday from a Discover Card representative who told them their credit card had been used to the tune of $291 at a grocery store. Not only was it large amount of money, the store is in Chicago and Arpaio said he hasn’t been there since he met his wife.

Arpaio said someone used his Discover card last week to buy groceries in Chicago at a store called Jewel. He said he’s hasn’t been to Chicago in many years.

Discover alerted the sheriff about the problem and he has since canceled the card.He says if he finds out the people responsible were struggling, he may not press charges.

Small time credit card theft is a growing problem across the country, and has grown at a rate of 31 percent in the last three years, reports CBS affiliate KMVT in Idaho.



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