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Spinal Injury Law Basics: Whether from a car accident, a simple slip, or violent crime, spinal injury affects hundreds of thousands of Americans. Injury may range from pain and suffering to difficulty moving to complete paralysis. An attorney may be able to protect your legal rights. The Orlando lawyer(s) at Atlantic Justice Law Group answer your important questions, on video, about spinal injury law in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Spinal Injury Law, click on a question below, or to contact Atlantic Justice Law Group about Spinal Injury Law issues, use the form below or call (407) 219-9089.

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The Atlantic Justice Law Group is here to serve the citizens of Florida. We provide legal assistance to consumers who are being taken advantage of by big corporations, insurance companies, and other entities. We don't get paid unless we get settlements for our clients. Justice does matter and we fight every day to ensure our clients get it! The Atlantic Justice Law Group is a law firm with a different perspective. That perspective comes from the firm's founder, Kenneth L. Williams. Ken served as a judge in the Florida court system for 24 years. He felt his experience on the bench combined with his skills as an attorney would be invaluable to people who needed legal assistance.

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