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Employment Law Basics: From wages to safety and health standards, to fringe benefits, the workplace is governed by a patchwork of federal and state laws. An attorney may be helpful in navigating this wide ranging field of law. The lawyer(s) at answer your important questions, on video, about employment law in . For answers to your legal questions about Employment Law, click on a question below, or to contact about Employment Law issues, use the form below or call .

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Are non-compete agreements always enforceable?

Are releases to allow a potential employer to access a credit report used to check the applicant's criminal record?

Are there any special terms that apply to certain government workers?

Can a company require an employee to arbitrate employment claims post-hire?

Can a former employer inform a prospective employer about the reasons for an employee being fired?

Can an employer ask a prospective employee about their illegal use of drugs?

Can an employer find out if I was fired for theft?

Can an employer legally record phone conversations?

Can an employer refuse to hire me if I was arrested?

Can employers monitor their employees' internet usage or read their emails?

Can I be an employee and also be an independent contractor for the same company?

Can I be fired for any reason if I do not have an employment contract?

Can I be turned down for a job for having a misdemeanor?

Can I receive unemployment benefits if I got paid through a 1099?

Can my employer force me to retire?


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