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Criminal Defense Law Basics: Criminal law is the class of cases where the government may prosecute individuals or organizations, and impose penalties for the adjudged guilty ranging from fines to prison to the death penalty. The Phoenix lawyer(s) at Law Office Of Benjamin Taylor answer your important questions, on video, about criminal law in Arizona. For answers to your legal questions about Criminal Defense Law, click on a question below, or to contact Law Office Of Benjamin Taylor about Criminal Defense Law issues, use the form below or call (602) 235-0889.

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Are all illegal drugs treated equally when it comes to punishing drug dealers in Arizona?

Are criminal records ever automatically expunged in Arizona?

Are grand jury proceedings secret in Arizona?

Can a person be guilty of drunk driving in Arizona if they only had one drink?

Can a person charged with a crime fire his assigned public defender without having another attorney to represent him?

Can an expungement be denied in Arizona?

Can I appeal being found guilty of violating probation in Arizona?

Can I be charged if my friend pawned stolen property and I helped them carry it into the pawn shop?

Can I leave Arizona under a deferred sentence?

Can I move if I am on probation in Arizona?

Can I sue the police for false arrest in Arizona?

Can previously sealed records ever be unsealed in Arizona?

Can probation be revoked in Arizona?

Can the police break down my door to enter my home in Arizona?

Can the police come and get me in my house in Arizona?


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