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Debt Relief Law Basics: You don't have to live with debt. No matter how much debt you're carrying, you can seek relief. There are laws that make it easy for you to clean up your personal balance sheet. The Phoenix lawyer(s) at Pew Law Center answer your important questions, on video, about your ability to seek relief from mounting debt in Arizona. For answers to your legal questions about Debt Relief Law, click on a question below, or to contact Pew Law Center about Debt Relief Law issues, use the form below or call (480) 525-5351.

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What is a debt settlement program (or debt workout program)?

How can I tell whether a debt settlement program is the best way for me to get out of debt?

Can entering a debt settlement program stop creditor lawsuits the way filing for bankruptcy can?

Can I settle a credit card debt on my own or do I need a debt reduction professional to erase my credit card debt?

Do credit card debt settlements need to be made all at once to achieve debt elimination?

Does Arizona have a law ensuring that creditors abide by the Fair Debt Collection Protection Act?

Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act apply to attorneys collecting debts?

Does the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act apply to original creditors, or is it limited to third-party debt collectors?

How do creditors find out about my income and assets?

How do debt settlement firms stretch pay-off settlements out over several years?

How do debt settlement firms work to help get me out of my credit card debt?

How does a credit card debt settlement affect my credit?

How long does the credit card debt settlement process take?

How much will a typical credit card company or debt collector accept to pay off the debt?

Is cancellation of debt always taxable?


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