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Insurance Claims Law Basics: Requirements for the types and amount of coverage for auto insurance vary from state to state. And your rights regarding your insurance policy also can be different depending upon where you live. The Phoenix lawyer(s) at Zachar Law Firm answer your important questions, on video, about automobile insurance law in Arizona. For answers to your legal questions about Insurance Claims Law, click on a question below, or to contact Zachar Law Firm about Insurance Claims Law issues, use the form below or call (602) 235-0665.

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After a Arizona car accident, must I accept an offer for less than the repair costs from the other driver's insurance company?

After I filed my claim, my insurance company offered me a settlement for less than my damages. Must I take it?

An auto insurance company is not offering to pay all of my damages on a liability claim. What can I do?

Are there time limits on starting my claim of bad faith following the denial of my claim in Arizona?

Can a finance company take out insurance on my car and charge me for it?

Can car rental agencies be held liable for injuries Arizona resulting from a crash that involved a rental car?

Can I assert a bad faith claim on each type of insurance claim that I present to an insurer in Arizona?

Can I require the insurance company to replace my car following an accident in Arizona?

Can my insurance company raise my premium due to an accident or traffic ticket?

Can the at-fault driver's insurance company refuse to compensate me because I was driving without insurance?

Does an insurance company have to pay for a rental car when repairs are being made to my vehicle?

How do I determine if the at-fault party in a car accident is insured or uninsured?

How does auto insurance pay for property damage in the event of a car accident?

How is the deductible for comprehensive or collision coverage applied in Arizona?

I had an accident in a car I was test driving in Arizona. Does the car dealership cover the costs of repair?


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