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Sinkhole Law Basics: Sinkholes are common in this community. Without warning, they can destroy property, homes, and lives. Recovering from sinkhole damage and navigating through the insurance process can be challenging. The Tampa lawyer(s) at Corless Barfield PLC answer your important questions, on video, about sinkhole law and what rights you have as a victim in Florida. For answers to your legal questions about Sinkhole Law, click on a question below, or to contact Corless Barfield PLC about Sinkhole Law issues, use the form below or call (813) 445-7552.

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After they found a sinkhole at my house, I have been receiving advertising. How did they get my information?

Are there any class action sinkhole lawsuits?

Are there different types of sinkholes?

Are there sinkhole maps?

Can having a confirmed sinkhole really lower my property taxes?

Can I choose my own company to test my home regarding sinkholes?

Can I dispute a claim of material misrepresentation regarding a sinkhole claim denial?

Can I dispute a sinkhole claim denial that I do not have structural damage?

Can I dispute the amount of cosmetic damages they paid me regarding sinkholes?

Can I dispute the repairs the insurance company told me to do regarding sinkholes?

Can I dispute the results if the insurance company tells me that I do not have a sinkhole?

Can I ever receive more than my policy limits for a sinkhole claim?

Can I have an attorney present for an EUO regarding sinkholes?

Can I hire an attorney to be my appraiser regarding sinkholes?

Can I just cash out my sinkhole claim rather than having to fix it?


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At Corless Barfield Trial Group, our firm brings extensive experience and a unique approach to each case we handle. Recognized as one of the leading insurance litigation lawyers in Florida, co-founding attorney Ted A. Corless formerly represented some of the most powerful insurance companies in the state and currently uses that inside experience to assist property owners and personal injury victims in recovering compensation for their losses. He has handled more than 1,300 sinkhole insurance cases for property owners in the Tampa area since 1998.

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