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Can a spouse recover for loss of consortium or services through workers' compensation in Florida?
Workers Compensation Law

Can my ex-spouse avoid paying child support if they file for bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy Law

Can my spouse tell me that I cannot see my kids?
Divorce Law

Do I pay my spouse directly for child support in Florida?
Child Support Law

Does my spouse have to file bankruptcy with me?
Bankruptcy Law

I bought the house when single but now am married; is my spouse's income relevant to a short sale?
Short Sale Law

If a spouse remarries, does this terminate his obligation to pay alimony in Florida?
Alimony Law

If my spouse enters a nursing home, must I give away my assets to keep them from being taken to cover the costs of care?
Asset Protection Law

If one spouse has sole custody of the children, can they move out of the state?
Child Custody Law

Is my spouse entitled to a portion of my business in Florida?
Divorce Law

Must I leave something to my spouse and my children in my will?
Estate Planning Law

My spouse just asked for a divorce. What do I do first in Florida?
Divorce Law

My spouse lost their job and stopped paying child support. What do I do?
Child Support Law

What if my ex-spouse is delinquent in alimony payments. What can I do in Florida?
Alimony Law

Will bankruptcy affect my spouse's credit?
Bankruptcy Law