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How Thelaw.tv Takes Care of the Little Things

Making Sure Your Videos Are Just Right For You You’ve probably heard that video marketing can improve your online presence, but do you know how or why? Read on to see how THELAW.TV can help your firm generate referrals and build long-lasting relationships with new clients.  With more than 1.4 million lawyers currently practicing in […]

Short & Sweet: Video Marketing by the Numbers

Vital Facts To Have At Your Disposal As businesses and marketers find more creative ways to attract viewers, video has become a meaningful part of the strategic conversation. Video isn’t just an “up-and-coming” attraction—it’s a necessary component of content strategy. Video opens the door for communication, displays your brand story, explains your value proposition, and […]

Utilizing Your Content Correctly

How To Make Your Videos Work Overtime Sure, some firms are content-producing powerhouses. From social media posts to thought leadership pieces, they seemingly have it all. Except, they don’t and here’s why—content only works if it benefits the client. Don’t let the flashy websites fool you. If the content lacks the how, what, when, where, […]

Content is King, but Are You Creating the Right Kind?

Get Your Message Out There Quickly to the Right People The phrase “content is king” is getting tired at this point, but let’s face it – content rules the internet, and in turn, your firm. (Looks Like Bill Gates really knows what he’s talking about, huh?)  The only problem? Modern tech has upped the ante. […]

Why Great Video Content Saves You Time and Money

Building a Great Educational Product Yields Long-Term Results Marketing costs for law firms pose the same problems as they do for any industry–a hefty price tag. Now that marketing has become an essential tool to reach clients, you would be remiss to ignore the potential outreach that strong marketing provides. The good news? You can […]

Why Building Trust is Foundational To Client Relationships

Creating Connections Digitally One of the most powerful tools a lawyer can use to grow their brand, voice their message, and gain client trust is video marketing. Thanks to the internet, traditional marketing isn’t just pamphlets, brochures, and posters anymore. Modern marketing has opened the gateway to education via something that’s affordable, accessible, and interactive: […]