Why Building Trust is Foundational To Client Relationships

Creating Connections Digitally

One of the most powerful tools a lawyer can use to grow their brand, voice their message, and gain client trust is video marketing. Thanks to the internet, traditional marketing isn’t just pamphlets, brochures, and posters anymore. Modern marketing has opened the gateway to education via something that’s affordable, accessible, and interactive: Video.

The only issue? The way we find and consume information has evolved so much that it’s hard to distinguish what’s real and what isn’t. In a world where everything is digital, how can we establish trust with our viewers? Fortunately, the answer is simple. Read on to see how implementing video into your brand strategy can help you book new clients before they even step foot into your office. 

A good reputation just won’t cut it.

A few years ago, attorneys could get by with a good reputation. Nowadays, though, word-of-mouth just isn’t enough. Thanks to Google, it’s easier than ever to find out everything you need to know about any person or business. 

What are these Googlers looking for? Authenticity and credibility. Your viewers want to know if they can trust you and whether you’re good at what you do–this is why content is so important. 

Content is king. 

We’ve heard the phrase “Content is king” for years. But what does that really mean? Today, it isn’t just about what’s on the page–it’s about how you present it. Think about it: We as consumers get our news through Twitter notifications, Facebook, Apple news alerts, etc. Sure, content is king. But, if it doesn’t work on the platforms your viewers are using, what’s the point?

The unfortunate reality is that fewer and fewer people are reading. Why? Because we’re inundated with information. When it comes to watching a short clip or skimming through pages of hard-to-read type, which option do you think your viewer is going to choose? 

Three words: Knowledge, comfort, and experience. 

Reaching your audience is as easy as creating “I need” content–AKA content that answers a question. For example, your firm could create a short video titled “How Do I Choose a Divorce Lawyer?” or “Can a Lawyer Help Me With My Home Closing?” By answering a question, you’re already on your viewers’ good side. 

Video gives your audience a feeling for who you are as a person and a professional. If your site or video content sounds like a commercial, you’re going to lose any chance of gaining that client’s trust. Remember, those potential clients are interested in how you can help them, but more importantly, whether or not you’re qualified to do so based on your experience and educational background. 

Knowledge, comfort, and experience equate to trust. Fortunately, video can help you convince your audience that you have all three. Why? Because emotion moves us and video gives users the best possible view of you. 

That’s where we come in. THELAW.TV produces effective marketing videos for law firms. We’ve produced more videos for law firms than any other company in the nation–that’s more than 200,000 videos. Choose from Video FAQs, like the ones we mentioned in this blog post, or Video Blogs. Either way, we’ll help you communicate a story to your prospective clients. 

We’ve been working with top law firms for more than a decade. Instead of letting you flail in the wind, we provide firms with the most searched questions for their practice area, open and closing graphics, and the videos are for you to share on YouTube which allows you to capture an even greater share of the market. Unlike other legal video companies, we strive to help your viewers. They’re on the lookout for legal help, not a documentary–and our videos are designed to do just that. 

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