Why Great Video Content Saves You Time and Money

Building a Great Educational Product Yields Long-Term Results

Marketing costs for law firms pose the same problems as they do for any industry–a hefty price tag. Now that marketing has become an essential tool to reach clients, you would be remiss to ignore the potential outreach that strong marketing provides. The good news? You can weed out the competition while saving your hard-earned cash with video marketing. 

Video content gives you the chance to reach your clients on a personal level before they even walk in your door. Choosing the right topics —and sneaking in a CTA — is a great way to share your knowledge and expertise while growing your law firm. 

Valuable Content Goes Farther Than You Think

Video gives law firms the chance to humanize their brand, so if your video sounds like a commercial, you’ve already lost. Rather than focusing on the firm, market the lawyer by creating content that’s helpful and educational. 

Video content may seem intimidating, but don’t overthink it. What’s the number one thing people use Google for? To answer their questions. This specific kind of content is known as “I need” content (AKA content that answers viewers’ specific questions). If you’re having trouble coming up with topic ideas, dig into your case studies. What are the top questions you receive from clients? Start with these. 

A few possible searches include: 

  • What questions should I ask before hiring a lawyer? 
  • How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?
  • Do you need a lawyer in court?

These topics are general, of course. Coming up with content is always a challenge, but that’s why hundreds of firms have trusted THELAW.TV to help them. Their content team provides your firm with the most searched questions that people are Googling for you to answer conversationally. Plus, they media coach you and your team through the process. 

YouTube Is a Digital Gold Mine 

Did you know more than three billion searches are processed on YouTube each month? For every minute that goes by, 100 hours of video is being uploaded on YouTube. Sounds crazy, right? What’s even crazier is that hundreds of lawyers are missing out on converting viewers into potential clients. 

YouTube isn’t just for viral challenges, it’s for increasing your bottom line. By creating educational FAQ videos, you’ll be able to reach potential customers in a one-on-one fashion without losing office time. A blog post can’t do that. In addition to building a relationship with potential clients, YouTube videos give your website the chance to rank on page No. 1 on Google–increasing brand awareness, and in turn, increasing leads. 

Video Marketing Is Effective, Increases Brand Awareness, and Drives Traffic 

According to a survey published by Brightcove, 20 percent of people reported visiting a brands’ website after watching a video. In addition, 72 percent of people prefer to learn about a product or service via video (as opposed to plain text). While watching a video may not be quicker than reading through a description, it definitely opens the opportunity to “meet” new clients. 

THELAW.TV produces effective marketing videos for law firms. We’ve produced more videos for law firms than any other company in the nation–that’s more than 200,000 videos. Choose from Video FAQs, like the ones we mentioned in this blog post, or Video Blogs. Either way, we’ll help you communicate a story to your prospective clients. 

We’ve been working with top law firms for more than a decade. Instead of letting you flail in the wind, we provide firms with the most searched questions for their practice area, open and closing graphics. Unlike other legal video companies, we strive to help your viewers. They’re on the lookout for legal help, not a documentary–and our videos are designed to do just that. 

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